The ease of movement within the city and from the towns of Oxfordshire can be transformed by developing a level of prioritised road-based mass transit much more advanced than current conventional bus services.


The unique qualities and constraints of our areas have been considered in developing these plans including:

  • narrow medieval road widths;

  • limited scope for dedication of entire corridors to mass transit due to the need for access via all transport modes and a lack of diversion routes for alternative means of access;

  • the need to ensure a quality of place in district centres on the radial routes;

  • and environmental constraints such as the flood-plain.

Bus-based rapid transit can offer significantly faster and more reliable journey times than conventional bus services.

Bus-based rapid transit is an integrated system of facilities, services and amenities that collectively improve the speed, reliability, and comfort of bus transport.

Typical features may include:

  • a high level of road priority up to full segregation;

  • higher quality zero emission vehicles;

  • off-board ticket purchasing systems;

  • faster methods of passenger boarding and fare collection;

  • high quality passenger waiting facilities; real-time information systems.

Bus routes have been divided into premium where they serve a Park & Ride site or have more than four bus services an hour, while others are called connector routes.

Changes to the roads will be made to allow faster connections or transport along these routes, making public transport a more reliable and attractive option.

A map to illustrate how a buses and rapid transport would work with newproposed Park and Rides for Oxford in 2050

For further details of rapid transit plans including routes and maps, please read pages 10-19 of the Oxford Transport Strategy which you can reach by going to this page: Oxford Transport Strategy

If you would like to be involved in any future consultations or discussions about the rapid transit proposals please let us know by going to this site: register views and news

People who pay the Workplace Parking Levy will be able to take advantage of the more frequent bus services with significant discounts on their bus fares and the cost of Park & Ride.