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Alongside Connecting Oxford there are other transport projects being progressed for Oxford which will be underway or completed before 2023.

Many of the transport projects are described as Active Travel schemes

What is Active Travel?

The health benefits of exercise through walking and cycling are well known, and Covid-19 has emphasised their importance. However, people still choose to use a car for a number of reasons, often because it simply seems easier, safer and more convenient. Active Travel is an approach whereby real, practical alternatives to car journeys are provided so that making a physically active journey, such as walking, cycling, scooting or taking the bus or train, is something that people prefer to do.

How to join discussions and consultations about other related schemes

We can’t just impose major new schemes in the city; like all significant transport changes they must be subject to public consultation, so please do get involved and let us know your thoughts.

You can see which consultations are currently open and take part by going to these pages: active travel. You can register to be notified when other official consultations open for different schemes, or let us know your thoughts now by going to: register views and news.

Emergency Active Travel Fund

To support people back to travelling for work, school, shopping and leisure as the first Covid-19 lockdown restrictions eased, the Department for Transport (DfT) awarded the County Council active travel funding and investment.

The City Council also invested Community Infrastructure Levy money. This has been used to fund a range of measures such as improved cycle paths and wider footpaths. You can read more about these measures by going to these pages: active travel

The DfT awarded additional funding in November 2020 to introduce further enhancements to the transport network in Oxford, to encourage more people to choose active travel. More details can be found on these pages: road and transport projects

These schemes include Quickways for confident cyclists through the city and Quietways which are improved cycling and walking routes through backstreets, as well as Low Traffic Neighbourhoods. You can read about the proposals and find a summary about Low Traffic Neighbourhoods by going to these pages: road and transport projects

There are other projects in the pipeline which will also help to ease congestion and pollution

Botley Road improvements

The aims and timing of these improvements, which will help cyclists and pedestrians and bus users, are described on these website pages: Botley Road Improvement.

Controlled Parking Zones (CPZ)

These help reduce the number of commuter cars driving into Oxford, supporting bus services as well as people walking and cycling. Please go to these pages: Controlled Parking Zones to read more about them and find a map of their proposed location.

Train station enhancements

The Oxford station enhancements are a critical step in unlocking rail network capacity and the planned growth of new homes and jobs for both Oxford and Oxfordshire.

Banbury & Woodstock Roads

New transport proposals are being developed for Banbury Road and Woodstock Road on the approaches to Oxford. These changes share the aim of Connecting Oxford to improve air quality, reduce congestion and encourage active travel.