Through Connecting Oxford, we plan to make changes which will benefit us now and for generations to come.

A series of coordinated changes to travel and transport should transform travel in the city making it easier, healthier and less polluting.

Some of the schemes are at different stages due to Covid-19 but all of them will be subject to public consultation.

Before the formal consultation process begins, you can share any views you may have by going to: register views and news. You can also register to be invited to take part in the formal consultations by registering on the same pages: register views and news.

At the local level, your elected councillors discuss plans and vote for or against them at cabinet meetings. Plans for the Workplace Parking Levy must have government approval and if agreed at council cabinet they are then progressed to national government level for approval and funding.

Oxford City Council and Oxfordshire County Council work together to coordinate plans and are jointly responsible for Connecting Oxford. Staff and councillors work together to ensure as many people as possible are involved and engaged in Connecting Oxford and that the project delivers the transformation of air quality and transport connectivity that it promises.

The timetable of discussion, consultation and work planned on the core activities of the Connected Oxford is currently being developed.

Connecting Oxford Forum

Before formal public consultation about Connecting Oxford begins, to encourage as much discussion and engagement as possible, there are plans to host a series of public online events about it. These online events would be called the Connecting Oxford Forum and would probably be streamed on YouTube, Facebook or similar platform, so that as many people as possible can follow them.

Details are still be explored because Covid-19 is affecting staff workloads and priorities, but you can register your interest in being sent more information about them by going to these pages: register views and news.

Connecting Oxford Newsletter

Another plan to share news and feedback with as many people as possible is a Connecting Oxford Newsletter. To minimise costs the newsletter would be sent out by email, and also hosted on this website. Again the exact details of the newsletter are still being considered, but if you would like to be sent a copy of the newsletter when it is produced please go to these pages: register views and news.

Public consultation

A formal public consultation is the final required stage of the planning process for Connecting Oxford. It draws on all the feedback received during the earlier stages of informal discussion. This is why your views and opinions are so important, so that they can influence the final plans. To register your views now, or to be invited to take part in the pubic consultation when it opens, please go to these pages: register views and news.