Petrol and diesel cars emit greenhouse gases from the engine, especially carbon dioxide (CO2 ). They also produce nitrous oxide (N₂O) and methane (CH₄). The aim of Zero Emission Zones is to produce cleaner air and less traffic congestion.

A map showing proposed Zero Emissions Zone in Oxford highlighted in red or green according to their planned start date

The ZEZ is a road user scheme, where vehicles in the zone are subject to a charge depending on the emissions they produce.

The plan to introduce a Zero Emission Zone Pilot scheme in Oxford in the central areas shown in red on this map has been approved and will be introduced from August 2021.

Experience and information from this Pilot will inform plans for a larger Zero Emission Zone covering most of Oxford city centre in 2022, subject to further public consultation.

You can find much more information about the ZEZ planned for Oxford on the council’s website, please click on this link to read more: ZEZ proposals.

Zero Emission Zone Pilot

The areas marked with red labels are planned to start in August 2021. Public consultation on these closed on 17 January 2021,  and the plans were approved for the pilot scheme on 16 March 2021.

Zero Emission Zone

The areas marked with green labels are planned to start in Spring 2022. Public consultation on these will follow in Summer 2021.

The ZEZ is designed to reduce traffic volumes, encourage the uptake of zero emission vehicles and lead to other positive behavioural changes; all of these would reduce vehicle emissions and hence air pollution whilst maintaining access for those who need it.

The ZEZ is part of a wider local transport plan, which aims to improve connectivity, reduce emissions and support sustainable growth across Oxford and Oxfordshire.

You can read more about these wider plans by going to this website: Oxford Transport Strategy

Oxford’s ZEZ plans are at different stages of planning and implementation. If you would like to be invited to take part in future public consultations or be sent information by newsletter, please register your interest at the following website: register views and news